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Fitness Diet The Simple Way!

April 11 2017, 16:25pm

Posted by Erin Johnson

Fitness diet is absolutely necessary to transform your body and the most amazing factor is, it is much simpler than what people make it out to be.

It's as simple as eating. But most importantly, eating the right way and not starving yourself.

What is eating the right way?

To achieve any kind of muscle and fitness, you have to provide the fuelthat your body needs. So what are the fuel?

To build lean muscle and reduce body fat, your fitness diet needs a combination of protein, carbohydrates, essential fats and vegetables. No fancy gimmicks or so called... "Miracle pills". I repeat, eating the right way is basically the consumption of a combination of the above food groups!

Now, I like to keep the weekends free to myself. That means, I don't care about following any fitness diet program or training, for those two days. So I eat whatever I want and basically enjoy my weekends. But on the rest of the five days, I follow a strict fitness diet program (don't get scared now I will show you exactly what I do...:o)) and the funniest thing is that it is really simple.

But before I do that, let me tell you...

What are the quality proteins, quality carbohydrates, essential fats and vegetables I include in my fitness diet.

  • Quality Proteins - Chicken Breasts, Turkey Breasts, Tuna, Salmon, crab, swordfish, sirloin steak, lean ground beef, lean ham, egg whites and low fat cottage cheese. These are the main proteins that I intake during the five days.
  • Quality Carbs - Brown rice (I know it doesn't taste that nice but you get used to it:), brown or whole meal bread, pasta, oatmeal, potatoes, beans, corn. Fruits such as, apple, orange and melon. Low fat or fat free yogurt is also a good source of quality carbohydrate.
  • Essential Fats - For fitness diet, always use unsaturated fats. Saturated fats are the culprits. Good unsaturated fats include, canola oil (what I use), safflower oil or sesame oil. Important! Use only a tablespoon a day but if you eat salmon or avocado, two or three times a week, then try to avoid using that one tablespoon!
  • Vegetables - Such as lettuce, carrot, broccoli, peas, mushroom (my favorite), cucumber and onion. I try to include a portion of veggies with two of my meals, everyday fitness diet.

Planning groceries and cooking meals

The way you should plan your grocery shopping for your fitness diet is by writing down a list of the things that you need, from the above food groups and then go shopping. I usually do my shopping for the whole week on Sunday afternoon, just for convenience.

During Sunday evening, I usually, cook my food for the next three days, that is, until Wednesday. On Wednesday evening, I cook for the next two days, that is until Friday. Now, some of you might like to eat freshly cooked food everyday but I don't have the time to do it.

But, believe me... once you fall into the routine, it will come automatically.

I eat about five to six meals a day. I cook breakfast every morning and I also have a tub of low fat yogurt and some cottage cheese for one of the meals. So, that leaves me with cooking just 6 meals (lunch and dinner), until Wednesday. See, how simple it is... :o)

Then, on Wednesday, I have to cook only 4 meals for the next two days... yippee... very simple!

What I include in my HIGH-PROTEIN-LOW-CARB fitness diet

For example, on a Monday, I might have...

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with 3 egg white and 1 whole egg (including yolk) and a little bit of skim milk. I cook it on a non-sticky frying pan so that I use less oil. A piece of whole meal bread, lightly toasted a small glass of 100% orange juice and I got to have my coffee.
  • Brunch: I have a protein shake.
  • Lunch: I might have chicken breast salad, with lettuce. Or, I might replace the chicken with tuna. I also have a fruit.
  • Mid-Afternoon Snack: I have a tub of low-fat yogurt and some low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Dinner: I might have a top sirloin steak, with some boiled vegetables. I try not to eat any carbohydrates at this time.
  • Before Sleep: I have another protein shake, so that my muscles keeps getting fed during the six to eight hours of sleep.

See... it's simple and all I am cooking is two meals, per day.

The reasoning behind high protein and low carb diet.

Now, to build lean muscle, you need high protein and to reduce body fat your carbohydrate intake should be less and eat, as I said before, five to six meals a day.

The reason for this fitness diet is to increase your metabolism. Protein gets used up the quickest so, believe me, you will be hungry within, two and half to three hours after a meal. Less carbohydrate in your body means, burning fat. And long periods of gap means... the body chews up muscle to feed itself and muscle is protein! So...

The bottom line is to build lean muscle and burn body fat; you need to have a high-protein-low-carb fitness diet. It works wonders for me, so there is no reason why it shouldn't work for you.

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