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Top 5 Myths of Skydiving Safety

April 11 2017, 16:17pm

Posted by Erin Johnson

The sport of skydiving scares people mainly because the numerous myths that have been circulated about it. These myths are simply falsehoods that have been invented to instill fear regarding the sport. Now we are going to list the top five myths as well as the truth.

The first myth is that while you are free-falling that you are not able to breathe. The truth is you can breathe while free-falling despite what many think. If one could not breathe, then one could not open the parachute because they would fall unconscious.

The second myth is you can talk to one another during a free fall. In the movies you might see this, but in reality you cannot really hear things well due to a combination of the wind sweeping the sound away and you rapidly dropping below the sound waves. This makes it impossible to hear much while in a free fall and you would not be able to have a conversation by any means.

Myth number three is that you can cling to another person that is wearing a parachute if you are not wearing one also. This is more of a movie enhancement than reality and this happening in real life is very slim unless you are in a tandem harness. Hollywood shows this happening in stunts one right after the other but, in reality, it is not unlikely due to the force that is projected when the parachute opens.

The fourth myth is that one can be in a free-fall for a period of five minutes. This myth is just that, a myth. Truth is that an jump airplane will usually fly at an altitude of ten thousand to twelve thousand feet, which would mean that you would have all of forty seconds or so before having to open your chute.

An average free-fall rate is around 120mph. A lot of factors affect speed so it could be much faster or a bit slower.

And last, but not least, the fifth myth is that people think their parachute will not commence to open. The truth of the matter is that people have a normal and quite natural fear of their parachutes not opening.

One must understand that today’s technology has given us a small deploying device that is usually used to open the reserve chute automatically in the event you could not open it for whatever reason. It is known as AAD (Automatic Activation Device).

Ninety two percent of Injuries and deaths in skydiving are due to miscalculations and the way something should be done while diving. Being well prepared, setting up everything appropriately ahead of the dive and also allowing for the right amount of time it will take until you reach the ground will let you have a minute of sheer bliss during your free fall and still be around to share the story.

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